About You

“All parts are welcome!”

ā€“ Richard Schwartz

Never has there been nor will there be another person like you. You are not a diagnosis, a number on a scale, or a collection of habits. You have a name, a lineage, a personality, a cast of characters and a story to tell. You are ready to know the myriad parts of you, to connect the past with the present, and to author the next chapter. You understand that your therapist is a guide and witness, but ultimately, it is you who must be willing to do the work.

Whether you want help for a specific problem, to make a difficult decision, to navigate a relationship, or to dive deeply into your psyche –  Iā€™m here to listen with compassion and a keen desire to help you access your inner healer and reveal your authentic self.

Therapy is both a gift to and an investment in yourself ā€“ and you are worth it.