About Me

Clinician since 1986, musician, artisan, and passionate student of life –  in me you will find elements of both artist and scientist, someone who makes treatment decisions based on sound principles of practice, who also looks for and reveals the beauty of life and in you. I believe that acceptance, gratitude, and forgiveness of self and others are lifelong processes that when practiced, lead to finding meaning, joy, and peace in the brief time we have here on earth.

My desire to help those in psychological distress derives from my own experience with life-threatening anorexia and bulimia many years ago. My personal struggle led me to discover and implement cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques, as well as insight oriented and solution-focused strategies that I now impart to my own clients.

I describe myself as accessible, responsive, engaged, experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, and trauma-Informed. I also like to believe I have a very good sense of humour! I continue to work on myself, to embrace the inevitable changes of life, and to develop skills toward not just helping, but healing the deep wounds we all hold within.